Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

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Wild Garlic is one of the most common and easily located wild foods here in the UK. Growing in abundance during spring, it not only tastes & smells amazing but contains natural antibacterial & antibiotic properties too. Try this tasty & versatile … Read More

Guide to Bandhas

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Literally translated bandha means to lock or tighten. There are  3 major bandhas – the chin lock (Jalandhara), the abdominal lock (Uddiyana) & the pelvic floor lock (Mula). By using the bandhas we are able to gain control of our energy systems and direct … Read More

The relationship between coping styles and internal /external phobias

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Abstract This study explores the relationship between coping styles and internal/external phobias. Previous research has shown differences in coping styles employed; when facing different phobias. However this is mostly on a problem/emotion focussed subscale and is limited to one specific … Read More

Home Learning & Wellbeing Resources For Children & Teens

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With social distancing and homeschooling on the cards, many parents may be wondering what to do or where to look to aid their children’s wellbeing and learning at home. Home Learning & Wellbeing Resources for Children & Teens is a list of … Read More

Finding Calm in the Chaos

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With the current Pandemic and subsequent lock downs in place, finding calm in the chaos is vital for our mental health. Since the beginning of lock down there has been an increase in feelings of worry and anxiety. The Office for National … Read More