A modified primary series. We work through a set series of poses each week starting with sun salutations, standing and balance postures, seated and closing postures. Ending with a relaxation.

A great full-body workout, building overall strength and flexibility.

Suitable for beginners with an average level of fitness and no injuries.

Bring a mat, blocks (if you have them) water and a blanket/something warm for savasana.

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The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series follows the same sequence and series of poses in a precise order and can be physically demanding. The Ashtanga Yoga Drop-in class is ideal if you would like to give it a go before committing to a monthly pass.

The practice starts with several sun salutations A + B to create heat in the body, warming the muscles and aiding the flow of breath. These are followed by standing postures, balances, twists and folds that are held for 5 breaths.

It is an ideal class for weight loss and gaining all over body flexibility and strength. Different levels are given to adjust and extend each pose.

The class requires a general level of fitness without injuries.

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